Philippe DELOUIS & Innovation

40 years of innovation


« Look to the future and think outside the box » was Philippe Delouis motto. He got together with a Swiss chef restaurateur in Zurich and devised the first vinegar made from fresh raspberries. This was an innovative idea; it took him 5 years to win over consumers. His first customer was… American, as French gastronomy started to be exported.

This exclusive recipe, inspired by Aceto Balsamico, is made from a reduction of apple juice combined with apple cider vinegar. This condiment, with a sweet-acid flavor, sublimates all dishes, from starters to desserts, in sauce or deglazing.

Mustards and vinaigrette sauces

At the age of 37, Philippe Delouis and his wife, a keen rider and an excellent horsewoman, bought a property in the countryside and started again a small-scale production in his barn.

The workshop of Limoges was getting too small. He set up his new factory 800 meters from his home.

Organic recipes, fesh sauces : the “home-made taste”

During the 1990’s Philippe DELOUIS created the organic range, and proposed the first fresh mayonnaise sauce preservative-free.

A famous “signature” was produced at that time: the sauce which recipe was close to a fresh home-made sauce.

Vinaigrette shaker

The Dressing shaker was another innovation in 2003. As a salad dressing mixer, it allowed a good mixture thanks to the air vacuum. Philippe DELOUIS was an avant-gardist on the market offer.