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Maison DELOUIS seasonings for Gourmet

DELOUIS proposes a full range of vinegars, mustards, vinaigrette sauces, mayonnaise and sauces recipes to answer to gourmet’s wishes offering easy-using, authentic and original French recipes.

Those seasonings simply accompany meals or may as well be part of an elaborated recipe . See our Chef's recipes.

Composed of natural ingredients with a taste close to the home made cooking, DELOUIS ‘condiments meets the modern families' expectations.

DELOUIS‘ products can be found in delicatessen, supermarkets and others food retailers.

Maison DELOUIS, bespoke recipes for professionnals

“Our clients express their ideas, and we take the time to really make something of this !” Gaël BRABANT

All the DELOUIS’ team mobilizes its creativity to write the expected recipe at the customer’s listening.

Maison DELOUIS would dedicate its know-how for the brand name seasoning creation.

To create a bespoke product, all the production staff is ready to collaborate on the project.

Maison DELOUIS’ team uses collaborative management platforms daily and an online program to improve business relationship while preserving the environment and our forests by reducing paper consumption.


Maison DELOUIS for food Service

DELOUIS answers to professional requests with central purchasing entities

Most of the offer is composed of vinegars, mustards in professional packagings, in bulk containers for restaurant kitchens.

Our fresh sauces, seasonings (organic or not) are easy-to-use, ready-to-use…

Others useful packagings :

  • Jerrycans : 2L, 5L, 20L
  • Tubs : 485g, 1kg, 2kg,5kg
  • Bag in box : 10L
  • Drums :200kg
  • IBC : 1000L

Retail and international market

From Delicatessen range to Horeca products, Maison DELOUIS seasonings are the proof of the vinegar, mustard, sauce production know-how of the company.

In France and all around the world, Maison DELOUIS proposes its home brand Delouis France and private label .

Importers largely contribute the the success of a product development. They are the local embassador of the brand and their added value lies in their knowledge of the local market and regulations.