Maison DELOUIS nowadays

A food factory and its staff in the heart of France

Maison DELOUIS is today a workshop of 55 employees with great skills.

A competitive and performer company set up on a 3500 sq meters factory.

A proven industrial process which includes a new seasonings production area. Indeed, the complete activity is dedicated to the seasonings and sauces production with a special care for raw materials quality.

Maison DELOUIS had been a candidate to certifications to meet the requirement of its partners in terms of food quality and safety. The company received the IFS (international food standard) certification which enlarges HACCP practices.

Maison DELOUIS had obtained the BRC certificate as well.
The BRC (British retail consortium standard) certification enables Maison DELOUIS to meet the requirements of British distributors in terms of food quality and safety.

Maison DELOUIS Research and Development

The factory holds two labs. One of them moved in 2019 is dedicated to innovation and sensory analysis work. Another one expanded in 2017 in order to perform the analyses of the raw as well as finish material.

This organization had been built to insure and improve the food security and allows Maison DELOUIS to imagine tomorrow’s recipes with fresh ingredients and organic or kosher when asked by customer.

With the clean label approach Maison DELOUIS commits to limit additives, preservatives and use always natural raw materials. The seasonings recipes composition list is the shortest possible to allow the customer understanding.

DELOUIS' best example comes with the first fresh mayonnaise of the market simply composed of eggs, mustard, salt, and vinegar and lemon juice!

Quality control and certifications

To be able to answer clients and prospects wishes Maison DELOUIS’ staff can control all the production stages, to ensure food safety and security.

DELOUIS laboratory conducts sample analysis on productions daily. 5 people skills are fully dedicated to oversee practices, recipes respect, sanitary control, anomalies prevention.

The staff job is to improve global practices and communicate them within the company and improve the service quality, control again and again the raw materials conformity. Those collaborators are the main interlocutors of major certification bodies.