Our vinegars are the result of a natural fermentation which will transform the alcohol contained in the wine or in the cider into vinegar.

Maison DELOUIS have chosen an immersed fermentation as the technique to keep all the wine flavor in the vinegar.

The filtration, storage and packaging are subjects to very strict rules, ensuring an optimal preservation for vinegars.


  • Apple cider vinegar 5° 50cl
  • Red wine vinegar 6° 50cl
  • Balsamic vinegar 6° 25cl
  • Sherry vinegar7° (Jerez/Xérès) 25 cl
  • Raspberry 25cl
  • Mango 25cl


  • Apple bouquet (reduction) 25cl
  • Mango (fruit puree) 25cl
  • Tomato, pepper, Espelette pepper (fruit puree) 25cl
  • Raspberries (fruit puree) 25cl


Verjuice is used since the Middle Age in Europe and is used to bring a touch of sour to a dish. Nowadays, the use of lemon juice became common but the sweetness of verjuice is becoming more and more popular.