Mustard seeds are soaked for 2 hours before being crushed. This operation as well as refinement brings a tasteful mustard natural and preservative free.

At the edge of the plate or used to elaborate a vinaigrette dressing, the varieties of mustard recipes of Maison DELOUIS expresses the diversity of French cuisine.


  • Wholegrain with cider vinegar200g, 350g
  • Wholegrain lemon 200g
  • Wholegrain green peppercorn 200g
  • Dijon extra strong 200g, 350g
  • Dijon (French mustard seeds) 200g, 350g
  • Tarragon 200g
  • Lemon200g
  • Honey 200g
  • Green peppercorn 200g
  • Grape must 200g
  • Walnuts 200g
  • Nettles 200g
  • Wholegrain nettles 200g
  • Mild Turmeric 200g


  • Dijon 200g
  • Wholegrain with cider vinegar 200g
  • Tarragon 200g
  • Limousine with red wine 200g
  • Wholegrain salt free 180g
  • Garlic and Parsley 200g
  • Green Peppercorn 200g
  • Champsac mild 200g
  • Espelette pepper 125g
  • Honey 125g