Trust our food production experience

Flavour Tradition and Innovation

Respect of gastronomic tradition and taste ambassador

The mix of know-how and skills of Maison DELOUIS’ staff ensure products quality development since the beginning.

Row materials’ strict selection upgrades seasonings flavors, the French taste flavors.

Hollandaise sauce, bearnaise sauce, tartare… or Dijon Mustard are those tastes testimonies. DELOUIS’ sensory laboratory weekly values the new products development, involving a blind tasting panel and comparing them to others similar market products.

A step ahead

To stay one step ahead, DELOUIS’ team cares about customers or its partners’ feedbacks.

An essential confident relationship added to a competitive intelligence process allows the company to remain as a precursor for the best offer proposal.

Maison DELOUIS wants to stay a step ahead and to value its partner’s raw materials productions from the agricultural sector.

To elaborate new recipes, Maison DELOUIS takes into account all feedbacks and practices, needs of food service professionals to be able to furnish healthy or natural products.